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Creating a Cover Letter, Gently

Creating a Cover Letter, Gently

So…your resume is pretty solid, and you’ve found a job that seems like a potential match for your education and experience.  Few tasks can seem more daunting than the next one on your list:  writing the DREAD COVER LETTER (insert sounds of thunder, wolf howl, and possibly bone-chilling scream). Relax.  I am here to assure…

Networking Email:  Warm it UP!

Networking Email: Warm it UP!

  Business students on the job search know the drill on the networking email: Tell the reader where and what you’re studying. Mention your career focus. Express admiration for the reader’s accomplishments.  Ask for assistance, suggestions, connections.  Invite reader for coffee. Now think of this drill from the reader’s perspective: Meeting you will take time…

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