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Grade Change Negotiations: Stay Strategic!
Grade change requests

Deciding if and how to negotiate a higher grade: It’s complicated.

OK, so it happens:  You got a bad grade, or at least a grade that is lower than you anticipated.  It may be lower than you need to graduate, or lower than you need to get into medical school, or lower than you need to land the job with that consulting firm.  Or just lower than you wanted. What do you do now?

As a longtime graduate school faculty member, I am a seasoned veteran of the grading games; I earned my battle scars teaching a soft skills core course  in a highly competitive graduate business school which used a forced grading distribution to boot:  (X% of the class receives A’s, X% receives B- and below, and so on). For those of you students who are prospective grade change requestors, I am  happy to share some some useful tips for assessing the viability of your request as well as creating a strategic argument for a grade change.

First–some important  perspectives from your professor’s point of view:…