MotivationYou may have heard from people you admire that the secret to success is “showing up”. .  .

On one level, showing up can mean just that: Make it to the inconveniently-timed meeting, let’s say, or the networking opportunity that happens even at the end of a long day.

But “showing up” also means connecting, understanding, participating — being “present”.

Emma Seppala discusses the finer points of presence in this great little article, How Being Present Increases Your Charisma. . . .

In a world where we might think that our professional awesomeness is measured by how much we can’t possibly pay TOTAL attention to anything – (we’re wired multi-taskers!) — its a good idea to consider what makes a person memorable, influential, charismatic. Most of the effort involves looking into the eyes of the person to whom you are speaking and actually listening! Empathy, authenticity, and choosing your words well won’t hurt, either.

If attaining total charisma seems like a tall order this weekend, you can start with the basics tomorrow–when someone is talking to you, don’t just put down your cellphone–put it away!